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Mortgage/Home Loan

Now owning your dream home is within your reach with Citi Home/House Loans.Whatever your mortgage needs, we're here to help you find the best home loan. Right from a Housing Loan that helps you buy your first property to refinancing your original bank mortgage, we offer various types of home loans to suit your mortgage needs perfectly.

Enjoy great flexibility in terms of loan repayment period, interest rates, line of credit and more. We have listed all our mortgage loans products below so that you can compare and choose easily. Turn your property dreams into reality;apply for a home loan with Citibank today! Call our mortgage hotline 0800-012123 for further assistance with the home loan application.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage - Home Loan

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

  • Brand new 3 in 1 features - adjustable, stable, and predictable. Your mortgage rate is linked to the market trend, and the adjustment of your mortgage rate is completely decided by the market.
Citibank Homecredit - Home Loan

Citibank Homecredit

  • Consolidate your finances into one account. You can deposit your salary and savings into Homecredit account; every dollar you deposit will deduct the principal of your loan amount, thereby reducing the daily interest.
Mortgage Flex - Home Loan

Mortgage Flex

  • A combination of traditional Mortgage Loan and Mortgage Power. Mortgage Flex consists of fixed principal and interest payments along with a line of credit. You may use the revolving credit line for future investment.
Mortgage Loan - Home Loan

Mortgage Loan

  • Provides high mortgage loan-to-value, and maximum mortgage tenor up to 30 years. Fixed monthly payment for principal and interest helps you relieve your mortgage loan burden.
Mortgage Power - Home Loan

Mortgage Power

  • A revolving credit line based on market value of your property. You pay interest for only the portion of the credit line used. A great money management tool for small to medium business owners.