Citi Cash Back PLUS Card

Citi Cash Back PLUS Credit Card

Turn your everyday expenses into everyday joy with Citi Cash Back PLUS Card. We provide you with up to 2% cash rebate on 3 daily categories.

Citi Cash Back PLUS Card

Price Value Benefits

Cash Rebate up to 2%

-Up to 2% cash rebate on domestic restaurant/hyper mart & supermarket/petrol spending.
-0.5% rebate on all others and Easycard Autoload without cap.

*Valid till Sep.30 2020
Basic cash rebate :
all others*
Bonus cash rebate:
3 daily categories (domestic restaurant/hyper mart & supermarket/petrol)
Total cash rebate on 3 daily categories
0.5% (without cap) 1.5%** 2%

* Statement balance/spending: Equal payment plan, tax, tuition, utility, telecom payment, and payment through “Citi On-line Bill Payment” platform are excluded.
**Bonus cash point is capped at NT300 monthly.

Day-to-Day Benefits

Day-to-Day Benefits

  • VieShow Cinmax Up to 40% Off (Valid till Dec.31 2020)
    You may enjoy 40% off on regular movie tickets, 20% off on 3D and IMAX tickets at VieShow Theater island-wide through Mon-Thur.

  • Enjoy More Credit Card Benefits

Global Travel Protection

Global Travel Protection

High standard of travel insurance coverage (Valid till Dec.31 2020)

  • Members can enjoy NT$20,000,000 Sign & Fly insurance on all air tickets paid by Citibank Cash Back PLUS Card (by purchasing flight tickets 100% or paying equal to or greater than 80% of the group trip expense with Citibank Cash Back PLUS Card).
  • No lost card liability
  • Concierge service
  • Global Purchase Protection
Evergreen Cash Points

Evergreen Cash Points

  • The points accumulated on your card are lifelong available.

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