Citi Privileges Card

Citi Privileges Card
VIESHOW CINEMAS movie ticket disconut

Citi Privileges Credit Card

Citi Privileges Card

Citi Privileges card provides you with various offers! From dining deals, movies treats, online discounts, and to evergreen reward points, the privilege and benefits are yours to enjoy with Citi Privileges card!

Reward first-year members with buy-one-get-one-free on your birthday at Wowprime (Expiry Date: 2017/06/30)

Members receive a buy-one-get-one-free coupon on your birthday in the first year after card approval. Take your pick at WangSteak, Tasty Steak, Taoban Creative Japanese Cuisine, Yuanshao Barbecue restaurant, Giguo Kaiedo Hot Pot restaurant, Chamouni, Pintian, ikki New Japanese cuisine, Sufood vegetarian restaurant and Famonn Coffee. Coupons are accepted in these franchises island-wide.

VIESHOW CINEMAS movie ticket disconut (Expiry Date:2017/06/30)

Members enjoy 40% off on regular and 3D movie tickets, 25% off on IMAX tickets at VieShow Theater island-wide through Mon-Thur and are limited to 2 tickets for each purchase per day. Tickets are 17% off for Fri-Sun and public/national holidays, and are limited to 4 tickets for each purchase per day (All tickets are required to be used only on the day of purchase).

ibon mart NT$100 deduction for every over NT$1,500 transaction (Expiry Date:2017/06/30)

Members enjoy NT$100 deduction for every NT$1,500 spent at ibon mart, up to 2 purchases per month. ibon mart offers 24-hour online shopping service that allows customers to place orders online and pick up merchandise the next day at one of the 4,800 7-11 stores. Members also get 5 times of rewards from purchases on ibon mart website, and NT$60 cash rebate for every purchase over NT$100 on the 7th each month.


  • Up to 100% redemption with reward points (Expiry Date: 2017/03/31)
    Members enjoy up to 100% redemption with reward points in the pre-defined Wowprime restaurants and VIEWSHOW CINEMAS counters on the birth month after the second year of membership. During non birth months, redemption with accumulated reward points on Citi Rewards is also available up to 30% of on-the-scene spending.

    For Wowprime restaurants, the transaction should be above (including) NT$10; for VIESHOW CINEMAS, the transaction should be above (including) NT$100.

  • Evergreen reward points
    The points accumulated on your card are lifelong available. Enjoy a whole life of effective reward points with multiple privileges!

  • Prestige (Expiry Date:2017/12/31)
    No lost card liability
    Global purchase protection

  • Platinum privileges(Expiry Date:2017/12/31)
    Concierge services
    High standard of travel insurance coverage
    Travel inconvenience insurance!

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