Bankcard Rewards

Bankcard Rewards

Citi ThankYou Rewards

Bankcard Rewards

Earn your reward points automatically with Citibank credit card

This exciting program is Citibank's special tribute to our card members*! Every spending on Citibank card will be rewarded with points. Each spending of NT$30=1 point and this offer is lifelong available. Members can earn more rewards faster and use these points in various occasions. Enjoy a fabulous life with easy-to-get reward points!

*The cash rebate program on New Platinum Cash Card is now substituted with "Money in the Pocket" program.

Evergreen reward points

Members can redeem their reward points on Citi card whenever you want from the moment you start accumulating the points. Members can also save the points for more experiential items over a long period of time because the points are lifelong available for effective membership!

Easy-to-get benefits

Citi offers our members with the freedom to choose your own lifestyle. Cardholders are rewarded with a variety of gifts, cash rebates and enjoy the benefits of mileage programs and annual fee waiver. All you have to do is to accumulate your Rewards Points by continuous card usage.

  • Merchandise: Citi ThankYou Rewards platform offers a large variety of items you can redeem for yourself, or gifts for your family and friends. Members can own around 300 experiential, practical and creative items by simply redeeming your Rewards Points. A Fast Track option is also in place for members to access your desired items sooner by refilling the points on the card with cash. Redeeming your Rewards Points on Citi Rewards Platform is fast and easy. And the best of this program is the distinguished "24-hour delivery" service so you can receive whatever you wish within 1 day! (Exception may apply for remote areas or electronic appliances). Pick-up service is available in any 7-ELEVEN adjacent to your neighborhood. Just visit for more details.(Expiry date: 2020/12/31)
  • Mileage Program: Members can enjoy mileage accumulation on your frequent flyer programs over 71 well-known airliners around the globe. Citi Rewards can help to realize your travel dream faster! (Expiry date: 2020/12/31)
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Don't feel like paying annual fee for credit cards? Citibank offers waiver for your annual fee with Rewards Points. It's smart and easy!

How many Rewards Points do I have?

The balance of your points are shown in your monthly statement. Or you can contact our client service center for available reward points at 02-2576-5888 for an update and any other information.

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