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Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Product Features

Product Features


  • With Citibank Adjustable Rate Mortgage, the rate is automatically adjusted according to the "6-month Taipei Inter-bank Offered Rate (TAIBOR)".
  • Your mortgage rate is linked to the market trend. The pricing is transparent, reasonable, and fair.


  • We adjust your mortgage loan rate every 3 months. The financial tempo is just right, as you can keep your loan payment stable.
  • We will also periodically provide you a notification letter concerning rate adjustments so that you can easily plan your budget and expense.


  • The adjustment of your mortgage rate is not decided by the bank, but is completely decided by the market.
  • The rate information is completely public and without any hidden traps. Once you master the rate trend you can easily predict the movement of your mortgage rate.
How does it serves you?

How Citibank Adjustable Rate Mortgage serves you?

Automatically adjusts your rate O
The scale of re-pricing is decided by the market, not by the bank O
Adjusts your rate every 3 months O
Related rate information can be found easily from newspapers, Citibank branches and Citi-web. O
Provides a notification letter with detailed rate, re-pricing, and payment information. O
How does it work?

How Adjustable Rate Mortgages work?

  • Mortgage Cycle Month: from the 21st of current month to the 20th of next month
  • Monthly Indicator Rate: the average of the daily "6-month Taipei Inter-bank Offered Rate (TAIBOR)." for the prior mortgage month.
  • ARM's Rate: monthly indicator rate + fixed margin.
  • Re-pricing: the rate will be re-priced every 3 months after disbursement, based on the new monthly indicator.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage



  • The average of "6-month Taipei Inter-bank Offered Rate (TAIBOR)" is quoted by Telerate Taiwan and published At website¬†www.ba.org.tw of The Bankers Association of The Republic of China. The rate is based on the 6-month Taipei Inter-bank Offered Rate (TAIBOR) contributed by 15 banks.
  • Citibank will publish the indicator at all Citibank branches and Citiweb.
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage applies to the following Citibank Mortgage Products: Mortgage Loan,HOMECREDIT,¬† Mortgage Flex and Mortgage Power.
  • The rate is linked to the market rate. It may go lower or higher.
  • Existing Citibank mortgage customers who meet our retention policy can apply for Adjustable Rate Mortgages.
  • Citibank reserves the right of loan approval.