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Mortgage Power

Mortgage Power
Product Features

Product Features

  • Credit lines based on market value of your property.
  • Pay back the loan early, pay interest first, or pay principal and interest together.
  • Pay back anytime to relieve your financial burden.
  • Revolving credit. Pay interest for only the portion of the credit line used.
  • Competitive floating interest rate.
The Benefits You Can Enjoy

The Benefits You Can Enjoy

Easy application, Easy money withdrawal

Once your application is approved, Citibank issues you your own personal cheque book. To withdraw money or make a payment, just write a cheque; you don't need to notify the bank ahead of time. Very convenient !

No interest on unused credit

Any money that remains in the account is available for you interest free until you withdraw it. You will only be charged interest on the money you use.

Flexible and convenient revolving credit

Withdraw and repay money according to your needs.

Grab profits and manage your money at the same time

Mortgage Power is a great money management tool for small to medium business owners. That's because it enables you to quickly respond to good investment opportunities at a moment's notice.

Citicard 24-hour Banking

Every Mortgage Power account comes with a Citicard. It allows you to withdraw, transfer, and deposit funds at Citibank Banking Centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no service charge.

It is also good at all other Taiwan ATMs for service charge free cash withdrawals. And you can also use the card in over 180,000 ATMs around the world to withdraw money when you travel abroad.

www.citibank.com.tw 24-hour Citibank Online

Enjoy the convenience of Citibank Online. Check your account balance, pay bills or transfer money - all at the convenience of just a few clicks.

How to Apply

How to Apply

You need to be a citizen or permanent resident of Taiwan aged 20 to 60 with good credit history. Call mortgage hotline 0800-012123 for further assistance.



The market value of Mr. Wang's house is 5 million dollars. He has a loan of 1 million outstanding. If the financing percentage is 70%, his mortgage amount will be 3.5 million from the Mortgage Power of Citibank. Citibank also provides service to pay back the 1 million outstanding mortgage amount for Mr. Wang.

Therefore, the usable credit line for Mr. Wang is 2.5 million. As long as Mr. Wang is paying the interest on the 1 million dollars mortgage, he can spend the additional 2.5 million dollars anytime for any investment opportunities he likes.

Mr. Wang used his 2.5 million dollars credit line to pay a 1 million dollars down payment on his second house and 0.5 million dollars for his children's overseas education. At the same time he used 300 thousand dollars to remodel his home and purchased furniture. 200 thousand dollars spent on an overseas trip.

Mr. Wang still has 500 thousand dollars credit line remaining. He is not paying interest on the unused portions of his credit line.