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Meeting your needs

Provides Various Services to Meet All Your Needs

You can enjoy advanced banking services provided through the Citibank Savings account, i.e., funds transfer on a specified date (which can be arranged up to 6 month sprior to the due date) and payment of your credit card bills or loans. You can also pay a range of utilities automatically from your savings account.

Full Function Services

Full Function Services, Convenient At Any Time

Just visit any Citibank branch once to open your account. After that, you can use the phone or Citibank Online to handle transactions to your account. Our CitiPhone and Citibank Online are available 24 hours a day.

  • Schedule funds transfer up to 6 months in advance. Especially designed for modern, busy people. This service allows you to schedule a fund transfer from your savings account to checking account and for loan payments such as mortgage, auto loan, or credit card, up to 6 months before the due date. You keep your money in higher interest account longer and still won't miss any of your cheques and payments

  • With Citicard, Withdraw cash, around the world.

    You can use this Citicard to withdraw money around the world. When you travel abroad, Citicard saves your time and makers your trip more enjoyable.

  • Deposit/payment.

    You can use a Citibank ATM to deposit cash or cheques into your account or make a payment whatever is convenient for you.

*A NT$1,000 charge to CitiGold customers with average monthly balance lower than NT$3,000,000
*Before your travel abroad, please contact the Citibank telephone center or arrives at Citibank personally first, to confirmed that the Citicard has set Transnational transaction function.